Group Consultation

Group consultation is free of charge during regularly scheduled parent group meetings.  This is a great time to get information and feedback from parents who more than likely are sharing your same concerns and can be a great resource.  Depending on the group’s schedule, a therapist may or may not be available to answer direct questions.  Please call the office or check the calendar to find out the best date to attend for therapist availability during the parent group.


Individual Consultation

If you are still questioning if services would be of benefit or need more information, individual consultation may be scheduled with a therapist to directly discuss your specific concerns (consultation fees do apply).


School Consultation

We are happy to provide consultation to schools both on an individual basis (representing a client’s specific needs) as well as for teacher and staff training. Understanding the role of sensory processing in learning and behavior and applying the concepts benefits the entire classroom.  An individual approach includes discussing specific needs of the client with the teacher and classroom personnel and working together to develop a strategic plan for the individual’s success.  A classroom or school-wide approach would involve in service type training of school personnel in understanding sensory integratration, its impact on learning, and strategies for implementing sensory integration in the classroom to enhance the learning experience for all students.


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