The Lamp Post provides a comprehensive evaluation including clinical observations, standardized assessments (if appropriate and/or necessary), and a parent/caregiver interview.  Clinical observations are specific tasks in which the therapist observes the quality of performance.  Standardized assessments involve structured tests in which a score is derived and compared to a matching (age, gender, etc) sample from the general population.  A discussion with the parent/caregiver or adult being evaluated is also conducted for details regarding issues and concerns at home, work, or school.  The therapist uses the information from observations, questionnaires, interviews, and standardized scores to identify patterns in sensory processing and its contributions to both areas of strengths and areas of struggle.  With a thorough evaluation and an understanding of the needs, an effective treatment strategy may be developed.


Upon leaving an evaluation, parents have a better understanding of their child and adults leave with a better understanding of him or herself.  Most leave the evaluation with a new perspective and a new hope.  When you are ready, please call us (352) 505 – 6339 to schedule an evaluation or to find out more.

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