What is the Next Step?


We recommend scheduling an evaluation with an experienced therapist if you suspect your child may have a sensory processing disorder or if your child has been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, behavioral problem, difficulty developing social skills, or is struggling at home or in school.  An evaluation never hurts and you will likely leave with a better understanding of your child.  Please call our office with any questions or to schedule and evaluation at (352) 505 – 6339.

If you are still unsure, we welcome you to visit our parent group  where you may benefit from the insight of parents who likely share your same concerns and will be helpful in providing information and suggestions to you.  Or you may schedule a consultation with one of our therapists.  Please call our office if you still have questions (352) 505 – 6339.


How do I get a referral for an occupational therapy evaluation?

A referral from your pediatrician/medical professional is only necessary if you are planning to utilize health insurance.  If you need a referral, call your pediatrician for a prescription for an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment.  You may be required to make an appointment to document and/or discuss your concerns.

Because pediatricians are often very busy taking care of children and pressed for time, we recommend that you go to your appointment prepared.  Write down a list of your concerns and specifically request a referral for an occupational therapy evaluation to address your concerns.  Most pediatricians will support your well founded request.  Should your pediatrician have questions or concerns, we always welcome phone calls to discuss the situation.  The prescription and referral information can be faxed to our office.


Insurance Information

Insurance coverage for occupational therapy services is dependant upon your policy.  Just call our office and we are happy to check your benefits for you.

The Lamp Post will process insurance claims for therapy services.   There are a few select insurance companies that the Lamp Post is “in network” with, however, the Lamp Post is an “out of network” provider for most insurance companies.  This means that the Lamp Post does not have a contract with the insurance company and is not bound by the insurance company’s rules.  It allows the Lamp Post flexibility in operation and to provide the best, most effective therapy services.

The Lamp Post will do all that we can to help you understand your insurance coverage for therapy services.  We will process all therapy claims, make appeals, and assist with appeals for you.  Utilizing honest and ethical practices, the Lamp Post will attempt to make the most out of whatever insurance coverage you may have.


M&S Bank of Gainesville

We have partnered with M&S Bank to provide financial assistance for our clients.  For more information please call our office at (352) 505 – 6339.


Payment Plans

Payment plans may be arranged on a case by case basis.


 We look forward to meeting you soon!

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