What Makes the Lamp Post Special?

Our Focus

The Lamp Post is different from other therapy clinics because of our focus and expertise in sensory integration.  We have found great success with using a sensory integrative frame of reference in its practice to help families and individuals with varying struggles and diagnoses.  We are dedicated to helping families and individuals by fully understanding sensory integration and applying this understanding with precision in treatment.


Our Philosophy

The Lamp Post believes that relieving the strain of sensory integrative dysfunction in our clients unlocks potential that can make our community stronger and our world a brighter place.


Our Therapists

It takes a special kind of therapist to be effective in utilizing sensory integration as part of an occupational therapy practice.  We only hire therapists who love to learn, are flexible thinkers, are effective communicators, work as a team, have a love for people, and are a joy to be around.  We place a heavy emphasis on mentoring, educating, and training of our therapists with constant study and frequent attendance at educational conferences and seminars.  Our therapists are the local experts in sensory integration theory and practice.


Our Facility

Our facility has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to operate as effectively as possible for treating sensory processing disorder.  Colors, flooring, and everything in between have been chosen to facilitate an intimate, warm, and welcoming environment.  This includes private treatment rooms where the environment is controlled by the therapist to meet the need of the client and where specialized equipment is available to ensure a just right challenge for skill development.


Our Approach

Our approach to addressing the concerns related to sensory processing dysfunction involves individualized assessment and treatment.  It is the job of the therapist to adapt to the needs of the client.  The therapist is keenly observing and constantly assessing the need and adapting the activity and environment to ensure the successful developmental process.  In other words, instead of having a mold for a client to fit into, we mold to the client’s sensory and motor needs which is the basis for successful skill building.

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