Support Services

Parent Group

Parent Group meetings occur on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.  Times do change with scheduling needs, however, they are generally held around lunch time to help accommodate working parents.  This group is designed to be both supportive and informative.  The Parent Group is open to new visitors and is a comfortable and safe place to discuss your concerns.  The group is parent led with an occupational therapist available to answer questions or guide discussions during most meetings.  Guest speakers and special events are also scheduled throughout the year.  Please call our office if you are interested in attending and for group times.


Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops occur throughout the year.  The workshop is a full day event addressing topics such as understanding sensory integration, nutrition, behavior, and strategies to address learning and behavior concerns and enhance family living.  Overall, it is a workshop that strengthens parenting skills through intentional and purposeful living.  It is open to the public and is extremely beneficial for any family.  Please call our office to check times and dates as well as to register as space is limited.



Client meetings are always encouraged whenever necessary and available as scheduling permits.  The therapist may request to schedule a meeting following a few treatment sessions to design, implement, and train the client in a sensory diet or home program.


Home Visits

A visit to the home is available for our clients.  Home visits are helpful in establishing a sensory diet as well as to identify reasonable modifications that may be done in the home to accommodate sensory needs.


School Visits and School Meetings

School visits are also available as scheduling permits.  We are happy to be a resource for you with IEP meetings and/or provide consultation with your teachers.  It is always our goal to support your child’s educational team.


Teacher Consultation

We are happy to provide consultation for teachers of our clients to assist and support them in making the educational experience as effective as possible.  Teacher consultations are client specific with the goal of working with the teacher(s) to provide classroom support, to establish an effective sensory diet within the classroom, and to do so without disrupting the classroom.

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