Together We Light The Way

We are dedicated to helping families and individuals by fully understanding sensory integration and applying this understanding with precision in treatment.

Our Focus

The Lamp Post is different from other therapy clinics because of our focus and expertise in sensory integration. We have found great success with using a sensory integrative frame of reference in its practice to help families and individuals with varying struggles and diagnoses.

Our Approach

Our approach to addressing the concerns related to sensory processing dysfunction involves individualized assessment and treatment. It is the job of the therapist to adapt to the needs of the client. The therapist is keenly observing and constantly assessing the need and adapting the activity and environment to ensure the successful developmental process. In other words, instead of having a mold for a client to fit into, we mold to the client’s sensory and motor needs which is the basis for successful skill building.

I wanted to tell you again how thankful we are that you were (are) part of our lives and let you know we miss you! The service you offer families is priceless! You truly have a gift and the Lamp Post will always be a very special place to me and our family, truly my light in darkness!

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