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What We Do

The Lamp Post believes that relieving the strain of sensory integrative dysfunction in our clients unlocks potential that can make our community stronger and our world a brighter place.

Occupational Therapy

Helping to develop neurological, sensory, visual, and motor skills.

Sensory Integration

Learn about sensory processing disorder and how we can help.

Speech and Language Therapy

Aiding in generating speech, social communication, academic success, and functional language skills.

Resources For Professionals

Information, links, and suggestions for professionals looking to help others.

Adult Therapy

At LPT, we don’t just focus on kids. Adult therapy is also offered.

Parent Support Services

At Lamp Post, parents participate in their child’s treatment, enhance their parenting skills, and are supported along the way.

The Lamp Post is Your Guiding Light

Schedule an evaluation with an experienced occupational therapist if you: suspect a sensory processing disorder, have been diagnosed with add/adhd, etc., or feel like your child may be delayed in developing social and/or motor skills.

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The longer we wait, the harder it is to make meaningful change and progress. The sooner treatment begins, the better the results. Time goes by fast. Don’t waste time continuing to struggle. Call us today!

Light your path. Call now!Light your path. Call now!

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