The Lamp Post accepts students who have a definite desire to pursue sensory integration as a part of their future therapy practice.

What kind of students do you accept?

Occupational Therapy


  • APK Final Internships
  • Business and Marketing Internships

How do I request an internship?

  1. Email with the following:
    1. Dates of your prospective internship.
    2. A request for an interview.
    3. Your objectives (both your program requirements and your desired objectives for the internship.
  2. If your objectives are in alignment with our practice, we will reach out to schedule an interview.
  3. Perform the interview.
  4. Acceptance is determined and student is notified.

Note to Fieldwork Coordinators: We do not make reservations for students, until they have completed this process.


Sensory Integration

Learn about sensory processing disorder and how we can help.