Joyful Parenting

What is Joyful Parenting?

There is plenty of parenting advice out there – some that’s helpful, some that made you want to cringe, some that you had high hopes would work only to be disappointed. The bottom line is that no one has parented your child in times like these. If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder, solid parenting skills are even more necessary. But, what are those skills? Why doesn’t “normal” parenting work? How can I change from surviving to thriving as a family?

Joyful parenting will help you find those answers.
What would a more joyful family mean for you?
Make an investment in joy – for you, your child, and your family!

What we’ll learn:

  • Self Assessment – What is my sensory pattern and parenting style?
  • Leadership Principles and Parenting Philosophy
  • Determine Your Family’s Core Values
  • Sensory, Behavior, and Empowerment of Your Child

Parent Whisperer - I really, really enjoyed your program. I told my wife she should attend. I was excited going through the materials with her!

BrentJoyful Dad

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