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    Please visit us at our new office located in Arbor Greens:

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    Keep an eye and ear out for all of our new services and programs in our new space!

  • Welcome to the Lamp Post

    We believe that everyone can shine. Sometimes, something gets in the way. Sometimes, that thing is sensory processing disorder and it shows up in a wide variety and very confusing ways. It is our job to light the path for you or your loved one to shine.

    As specialists and experts in sensory integration, we provide occupational therapy services for children and adults who are struggling with sensory processing. Our services are individualized and you have our promise to strive for excellence in our services.

    Many times a sensory processing disorder coincides with other diagnoses such as attention deficit disorders (ADD or ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, etc. Other times, children and adults do not have any other diagnoses, but seem to struggle with many aspects of daily living and have a hard time "putting their finger on" the nature of the struggle.

    In either case, we are here to help. Please give us a call to find out more and to get started. Our office phone number is (352) 505 - 6339. Come shine with us!

  • Services at the Lamp Post

    Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration
    At the root of occupational therapy is meaning, purpose, and joy in every day living. We have found sensory integration to be foundational need in order to lead lives of meaning and purpose for children, families, and adults.

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